Mission Statement

Terry’s Tree Service started with the vision of providing clients with a dependable company that they could trust for their tree care needs, meaning someone who would pay attention to their concerns and meet their needs with years of experience brought by hard-won understanding of the study of trees.  We have found that when we stay focused on that goal, that everything else falls into place, and so our mission is to take care of people, though our work is to take care of trees.

Family Oriented

Terry Powell started Terry’s Tree Service over 30 years ago, working largely by himself out of a pickup truck. Terry made it his mission to provide preventive care and removal services that would assure safety for his clients and their property, and the good health, longevity, and beauty of their trees.

As Terry’s family grew so did his experience, business, return customer base, workforce, and diversity of task, equipment, and fleet.

Our foundation has proved rewarding and our future is bright in our traditional conservative growth mode.

As homeowners and family members ourselves, Terry’s Tree Service understands the significance of having a beautiful and safe environment for families to enjoy.  Our message to you, the consumer, is don’t cut corners when it comes to the satisfaction of enjoying your life’s work.  Let Terry do the hard job for you, so that you can weather in safety and comfort with your loved ones.


At Terry’s Tree Service, the men and women we keep with us are here for a reason.  It’s because all of us have exemplified the principles of hard work over the lifetime of our careers.  That means timeliness, attention to detail, willingness to learn, daily personal betterment, constant customer attention, and loyalty to each other.  At Terry’s, we have a family environment, so new workers are brought into the fold and helped to foster a mentality of duty and obligation, but also of fun.  We enjoy our work, and it is this enjoyment that drives us to become a better business, day by day, worker by worker.


Terry’s Tree Service carries all the necessary licenses to perform routine and emergency tree removals on private and public property in the state of California, but equally important, carries additional service excellence recognitions and approvals.  These approvals, specifically ISA certification and Diamond certification, mean that Terry’s is one of the best contractors in the tree care industry.  ISA (International Society of Arborists) refers to a certificate that is issued to arborists who qualify on grounds of knowledge of tree biology, pests and hazards, proper care and fertilization, potential threats, life-cycle trends, and environmental habitat.  The Diamond certification refers to customer treatment and business demeanor, and Terry’s Tree Service has the highest score in the industry, with a sharp 96.5%.  Finally, at Terry’s Tree Service we also maintain our relationship with the Better Business Bureau, meaning we monitor our public image based on customer interactions, and should problems arise, we would seek arbitration through an impartial yet accountable third party to ensure customer satisfaction.  Now that’s service!

“I’m beyond happy with Terrys Tree service! They exceed my expectations every time. I’ve had them here about 4 times in the past seven years. Their crew is always polite and speedy. They know how to create a natural look and thin the trees and bushes instead of butchering them – only to watch them grow back fuller and out of balance. My trees are an investment in my house value and a constant source of beauty outside my windows. My neighbor hired a bargain service for a huge redwood on our lot line and it looked awful for three years! Frankly it still looks awful! I’d hire Terrys team if I could – but luckily it’s in a spot where I don’t see it too much.”
Kira E., Pleasanton, CA (via Yelp)