Terry’s Tree Service is one of few tree services that offers tree planting services, and has an International Society of Arborists certified member on staff that can make the right recommendations as to the best species of trees, location(s) for planting, care and up-keep throughout growth stages. Working closely with local nurseries, we can specify single or multiple trees and order, collect, and plant them with minimal involvement of the client.


“We just had a branch from our Modesto Ash tree split and fall into the street. The branch was still connected to the tree so I didn’t want to hurt the tree by moving it. I called Terry’s Tree Service and a nice young lady said she would see if they had a crew in the area and get back to me. Less than 5 minutes later she called and tells me someone will be here in a half an hour.

The crew showed up within 15 minutes, gave me an estimate after pointing out that the branch above the broken one was cracked. I accepted the price not cheap but not outrageous either. The whole job was done in about 20 minutes!! Street is swept and the branches hauled off.

I can’t believe how fast they worked!

I will call them again because I have trees to be taken out later in the year and for them to inspect the one that broke.”

Valerie H., Concord, CA