Trees and other flora are the essence of beautiful and attractive landscapes, and play a part in maintaining the appeal and value of your home, however it is not always possible to assure that a tree has been properly cared for over the decades of its lifetime. At a certain point every landowner knows that even trees need to be maintained and potentially removed. Despite their natural beauty, trees can grow beyond their own strength and dead branches can hover at dizzying heights for years, posing worst case scenarios to homes and automobiles. Don’t get caught off-guard by old or rotted growth, get Terry’s Tree Service to help you right away.

Though preservation is often preferred, and Terry’s Tree Service is happy to consult with you on this, removal is always a possibility and we execute this process with the utmost of care and precision. With years of experience at our disposal, we know the exact steps to proceed with felling a threat, and are licensed and insured to do so:

Safety First: obtain necessary work permits, clear the area underneath the fall zone, rope off the area with hazard signs, equip workers with necessary safety gear, and get to work.

  1. Remove dead branches that pose an immediate fall threat.
  2. Remove tertiary (small and leafy) branches that are easy to get out of the way.
  3. Once secondary branches have been exposed, proceed with segmenting them in a controlled manner. This means starting at the outermost extremities of the branch and felling segments at regular intervals.
  4. Once the tree has been denuded, the flora is removed from the top down, with safety being our top priority.
  5. After the tree has been felled, the remnants are chipped and can be returned to the customer for use as mulch (see Chipper Mulch), and the stump can be removed (see Stump Removal).

Terry’s Tree Service is fully equipped to handle every tree care and removal need you might have. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and our men and women have years of experience in our industry, which is aimed at providing you the homeowner with outstanding service and affordability. We are ISA certified and Diamond certified, with the highest score in our area for customer satisfaction, and we maintain our relationship with the Better Business Bureau to show potential customers the professionalism we carry into the field. Let us be the tree removal expert you choose


“I would like to thank Terry’s Tree Service for the wonderful job they did at our home. Their crews were on time, very pleasant, and nicely cleaned up when finished.  Great experience and I would highly recommend them. Thanks so much!!!”

Joe M., Pleasanton, CA (via Yelp)