Most often, and advisably, tree stumps are ground away directly after the trunk has been cut close to the ground during a tree removal using a Stump Grinder, a machine designed specifically for this purpose. By grinding the stump 12 to 18-24 inches below ground, regrowth and the stump becoming host to invasive pest potential is substantially reduced. Depending on the size of the stump and the terrain and confines, various size and types Stump Grinders are available. bid ask As these machines are quite aggressive Terrys’ operators and crew take extreme care to secure the vicinity, it’s people, plants, and property with tarps, backstops, or object removal when possible. Chips from this process are mixed with the soil and smoothed over. Cases when a Stump Grinder is not suited, other methods including manual stump extraction may be employed, but this is not usually the case.

Older stumps so too may be removed, and should, as they may become host to destructive pests such as termites that may invade nearby dwellings and structures.