Chipper mulch ranges from a very coarse to a leafy, crunchy, mixture with large and small chips – in other words dependent on the types of work being preformed at any given time and is not very consistent. For this reason Terry’s can not offer the type of bark or wood chips available from some nursery or landscape suppliers. If this is not an issue and a need of the variety the current jobs produce, and drop site is relatively near a job site, Terrys’ may be able and would like to accommodate you. Please use our contact page to email or call and leave your request, name, address and contact information to be put on a list for chipper mulch drop off.

“They just completed a job for me and I’m very happy with the work they did.  First off the estimate was in line with another company.  The reason I chose them is they were recommended by a neighbor and they do work for Clubsport in Pleasanton and Wente in Livermore.  As a relatively large company, they were able to send out a crew consisting of several workers in 3 trucks.  They were thorough, efficient and did an excellent clean up job.  I will use them again.”

Sara P., Pleasanton, CA (via Yelp)