As trees grow, their roots extend in search for nourishment from soil layers that are rich in decaying matter. Here in California, though our soil is very fertile, the depth of the topsoil only extends a few feet, meaning tree roots will spread out trying to find more nutrients. This can be damaging to foundations and walkways, and for this reason, Terry’s Tree Service recommends using out deep root fertilization service. For an additional fee, we will remove a core of soil at a depth of about ten feet and place tree growth supplements specifically designed for the type of tree you are maintaining. The tree will then exploit the fertilizer you have given it and develop its root system around the nitrogen-rich core instead of potentially harming your foundation. In addition to a more full and rich appearance, your tree will have the added strength of a well maintained and cared-for plant.

“I’m beyond happy with Terrys Tree service! They exceed my expectations every time. I’ve had them here about 4 times in the past seven years. Their crew is always polite and speedy. They know how to create a natural look and thin the trees and bushes instead of butchering them – only to watch them grow back fuller and out of balance. My trees are an investment in my house value and a constant source of beauty outside my windows. My neighbor hired a bargain service for a huge redwood on our lot line and it looked awful for three years! Frankly it still looks awful! I’d hire Terrys team if I could – but luckily it’s in a spot where I don’t see it too much.”
Kira E., Pleasanton, CA (via Yelp)