At Terry’s Tree Service, safety is job 1.  Our perspective is that we do the job that we are highly trained for, and we risk nothing when it comes to making sure the welfare of all our individual members is cared for.  From climbing and topping, to accident prevention both during and after tree removals, and also to fire prevention, we make sure all your bases are covered so you can enjoy your home without worry.


Emergency tree removal or other such services always pose special considerations, especially those that occur to dwelling and structures, after dark and in foul weather. As one of the areas only 24 hour responders to such emergency situations, Terry’s Tree Service is equipped for foul weather in low visibility and, as always, with the right attitude for a safe, efficient, and conscientious solution to the situation. Call any of the numbers above or on the Contact page for Emergency Tree Removal / Services of that nature.


From the beginning estimate an evaluation includes not just the requested procedure, but the surrounding people, environment, existing buildings and structures, fences, trees, plants, and lawns needing protection.

In addition, neighbors and their property, pedestrian and traffic situations are considered with every attempt to minimize inconveniences. Our ground crews and spotters understand the importance of and are experienced in working as a team to cover all these potential hazards. Continuous updates and reviews are an important part to our process.


Every worker’s training is our number one safety tool. Weekly safety meetings with all employees sustains an elevated awareness of general and specific job concerns. Property protection is always addressed, as Terry’s considers such potential damage a threat to clients and workers alike, not just a financial risk. Of course all employees are provided and required to use the essentials equipment for head, vision, hearing, breathing protection and visibility.


Equipment at Terry’s is maintain largely by our in-house mechanic, a 20 year veteran with heavy equipment maintenance. Terry’s Tree Service conforms with environmental protection standards.

Boom trucks provide access to dangerous situations where trees may not withstand the additional weight of a climber, or the ability to work around minimally accessible areas and power lines up to about 75 feet. Chippers are equipped with state of the art auto shut offs and are always manned in pairs by trained groundsmen.